CHEAP SnoCross Racing Arcade Game NOW

SnoCross Racing Arcade Game

SnoCross Racing Arcade Game

If You search arcade games then SnoCross Racing Arcade Game is best choice, Buy it now for Price is 9041.99

SnoCross is the latest racer from the game designers at Raw Thrills
A 42'' LCD panel for HD graphics and a motion sea...

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Dreamgear DG-DGUN-2580 My Arcade Gamer X Portable

Dreamgear DG-DGUN-2580 My Arcade Gamer X Portable
Gamer X Portable Handheld Gaming System with 220 Games Loaded with 180 16 bit video games and 40 educational games Fits in your pocket, purse, or backpack No console required Take your games anywhere Volume control Connect to your TV (A/V cable not included) Requires 3 AAA batteries (not included)

Price : 29.98

Pac-Man Mini Arcade Game

Pac-Man Mini Arcade Game
Do you miss arcade gaming? Relive those days of arcade gaming with this Pac-Man Mini Arcade Game! Enjoy Pac-Man with authentic arcade sounds and use the classic joy stick to eat the dots and run! Take Pac-Man everywhere you go with the Pac-Man Mini Arcade Game
Measures approximately 5 3/4-inches tall by 4-inches wide with a depth of 2-inches
Requires 2x AA batteries (included)
Ages 8 and up.

Price : 24.99

RGB CGA EGA YUV to VGA HD converter Board HD9800 Module Color Green Arcade Game Module Excellent Quality Outstanding New Product Good Widespread Popular Durable

RGB CGA EGA YUV to VGA HD converter Board HD9800 Module Color Green Arcade Game Module Excellent Quality Outstanding New Product Good Widespread Popular Durable
Features: 100% new and high quality
5 HD-Converter Board
It supports CGA / EGA / VGA / YUV Component input signal It supports VGA (640x480 800x600 1024x768 1360x768) CGA / EGA / VGA automatic scan signal (15 KHz 24 KHz 31 KHz) Automatic Scan Component YUV signal (480i 576i 720i 1080i 480p 576 p 720 p p 1080) On Screen Display (English and Chinese) It supports image position control and zoom control True digital converter 24-bit A / D to a real color conversion 16.7 million
It supports all types of VGA monitors (CRT LCD PDP projection etc.) CONTROL MENU: MENU to open the OSD menu and enter
UP and increasing
DOWN / AUTO down and out
Press this button: auto scan CGA / EGA signal press this button for 5 seconds and release: system restore (This operation is invalid when you open OSD menu) SW switch of the input signal YPbPr / RGBS / RGBHV
(This operation is invalid when you open OSD menu) Sp clips and Hold Please do not edit this key except the monitor have black item or picture discoloration
for additional control functions please look OSD to operate
- There is no sign that it controls Please check the input and output cable make sure all cables are connected
and make sure the power is on
- The display says No Signal Click on the SW to change the input signal
- Input does not support when the monitor displays does not support the voice you may need to change the low resolution
please click on the DOWN / AUTO more than five seconds and release
Reset the resolution of 800 * 600
- Incomplete picture on the screen please enter the menu to adjust the image position and zoom
- The image vibration or freeze please click on the DOWN / AUTO automatic scanning of the input signal and image restoration
- It has a black dot on the screen or a lot of black screen or the discoloration image please adjust the terminal SP and ST clamp please keep Clamp st less Clamp sp
We suggest Clamp st SET 03 Clamp sp SET 04
- The color of the image is not right please adjust RGB VR
Green Colour Size: about 118 * 102 mm Technical parameters: 1: Power Input: DC 5V / 1A 2: Input signal formats supported: RGBS RGBHV YPbPr (the color) CGA / EGA 3: Insert RGBS RGBHV formats supported: 15KHz 24KHz 31khz horizontal pattern signal frequency 4: YPbPr Supported input formats: 480i-60 576i-50 50-1080i 1080i-60 480p-60 576p-50 720p-50 720p-60 50-1080p 1080p-60 mode 5: Insert the three primary colors can be adjusted by the 1000 ohm potentiometer 6: VGA resolution output format of the serial signal: 640X480 800X600 1024X768 1360X768 Product features: CGA turn VGA VGA turn EGA VGA RGBHV his time RGBS switch to VGA VGA color shift YUV VGA his time YPbPr VGA his time liquid crystal display low-round play high-resolution low resolution high resolution transfer plate HD King supports all games with liquid crystal no pension no need to change the program that allows you to easi

Price : 43.89

GBS-8118 2in1 ajedrez Porch PCB Switch Remote Control Ricevittore Green GBS-8118 2in1 Jamma Arcade Game PCB Circuit Board Remote Control CGA/VGA Resistance Wide

GBS-8118 2in1 ajedrez Porch PCB Switch Remote Control Ricevittore Green GBS-8118 2in1 Jamma Arcade Game PCB Circuit Board Remote Control CGA/VGA Resistance Wide
features: Introduction: Now you can connect two different pcb Jamma in a closet and select the game you want to play at the touch of a control switch
Install only connect the Jamma pcb whip in your existing one
He easily installed and fully functional
Installation of two Jamma different (or non-Jamma Jamma using an adapter) Jamma PCB in a single cabinet with ease! This card Switcher 1 multijamma is simple to install and works with a simple touch on the small button
Included is a wired switch function
This inboard plate 1 multijamma switcher operates differently than the larger switcher-6-multijamma
First both slots (1 and 2) are simultaneously bonded together unlike the 6-in-switch only one slot at a time will rotate
This provides fast switching without solution of continuity between the two plates installed
Moreover this is a must if you are installing in a public game room (so that the client does not wait for the second board game for the ignition and test yourself if selected ..
the game already be installed and ready for IR)
feature: Multiple input options (input via Jamma slot VGA RGB S-connections and L / R audio inputs) In the initial power slot 1 is activated and plays automatically
Both slots link together paths switcher + 5VDC + 12VDC e-5VDC Switcher service lines and functions of the test buttons and up to 4 shooter buttons for player Installation is quick and easy configuration Introduction: Install-on-1 multijamma Switcher PCB in your cabinet Jamma gallery ready (In the office floor is ideal if possible) Connect-on-1 PCB connector multijamma Switcher on your Jamma cabinets Install the other Jamma pcb (or non-Jamma Jamma PCB using an adapter) In one of the slots open PCB-in-1 multijamma Switcher (farthest slot from Jamma connection is 1 / nearest slot is slot 2)
When connecting the frames Jamma faceplate (front door has a monitor) will forward switch the front switch has two VGA ports
Power in your office and enjoy Important reminder: Technical Note: This switch does not change the video with Pandora-V2 PCB using VGA video
To work with this VGA video card you need to be edited manually using a VGA Switch Box
Short video the need to connect a separate switch all other functions will change properly
If you are using a CGA monitor tube so no problem
Monitor: When using a CGA monitor then simply turn off the monitor The Jamma harness if you are using a VGA monitor then you will have to enter Setup your Jamma boards for VGA then connect both ports of VGA cards from Jamma directions to the VGA input of the switch using the male-to-male VGA cable
Green Colour Dimensions: 180 * 160 * 10mm Cable length: about 1m Description power: 1) directly connected to 28JAMMA match the output of the card this opening time without any external power supply remote control battery 12V 23A (contains) 2) brings 28JAMMA when no power switch as required please use an external power supply power port can be connected to

Price : 109.59


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